Keating International SAS was formed in 2012 by Patrick Keating in Lyon FRANCE. But, the inspiration behind its formation was Keating International Inc., which was a farm equipment dealership formed one hundred years earlier in 1912 by Frank Keating (Great-grandfather of Keating International SAS Founder - Patrick Keating) in Atkinson NEBRASKA.


John Keating - Patrick’s father - took over the leadership of the company from his father Phil and, with his brother Robert, led Keating International Inc. to the next level as one of the most productive agribusinesses in the region until John's retirement in 1987.


While Keating International Inc. has ceased to exist in name, the dealership has continued on under the management of another local entrepreneur - Boyd Mitchell. Boyd took over the location in 1990 and renamed it Mitchell Equipment - www.mitchellequip.com.



John Keating, former CEO of Keating International Inc., in front of the newly constructed company headquarters in Atkinson Nebraska - 1984.