M&A Services

As a company focused on executing a "growth through innovation" strategy your you have to look at using M&A in several different ways. 


First, you may need to consider funding this "growth through innovation" strategy by selling internal businesses and redeploying these assets towards your new growth initiatives.


Second, to help capture the opportunities presented by these new growth initiatives you my also need to make acquisitions of other businesses. These are usually divided into three categories: market acceleration, market expansion, and new market entry.


The target company or companies you acquire might also bring in different assets and capabilities into your company, including great talent and technology, mature products and solutions or new go-to-market business models.


Or in some cases as a company may decide that you need to merge your company with another company or sell your entire company to a financial or strategic investor to capitalize on the opportunities you have in front of you.


As Keating International we can help support you in each of these areas. To us the successful use of M&A to execute a sustainble "growth through innovation" strategy can only be achieved with capabilities developed and continuously improved by trial and error involving a significant number of transactions over many years.


We have put together such a well-developed methodology for each type of transaction based upon our own experience and transactions over the last 35+ years and by studying the strategies, methodologies and transactions of serial M&A companies such as Cisco, which has acquired 157 companies from September 1993 to August 2018 to drive its "growth through innovation" strategy.